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Theme: Implementation of Advances and Challenges in Clinical Pharmacy
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OMICS Group is especially probable in transforming the world by circulating the knowledge related to Sciences and Technology to all over the globe by different theme standards of living of the masses. OMICS Publishing Group is an organization with special features that collaborated with more than 1000 scientific associations and societies through it 400 leading-edge peer reviewed Open Access journals with 30000 eminent people as editorial board members and more than 3.5 million readers. OMICS Group also organizes scientific conferences which lay a perfect platform for all the International Audience to share their research ideas. OMICS group organizes more than 300 prominent international conferences in different countries which are related scientific popularities to expand the dynamical themes of the conference rapidly.

OMICS Group is hosting 2nd International Summit on Clinical Pharmacy during December 02-03, 2014 in San Francisco, USA. Clinical Pharmacy International Conference 2014 will be organized around the theme "Implementation of Advances and Challenges in Clinical Pharmacy." To explore the theme of Clinical Pharmacy-2014 over the world which is noticeable with the presence of more than 300 renowned scientists, students and business delegates representing from different countries ultimately driving the Pharma event into the path of success. By great response received from the Editorial board and Conference committee, OMICS Group International Conferences proudly announces the initiation of this esteemed Conference, to anticipate audience for this event includes with leading researchers, industry professionals, scientists, pharmacists and scholar students to exchange and share their experiences. Clinical Pharmacy-2014 is integrated by 16 tracks and 104 sessions considered to offer comprehensive sessions that address current topics in Clinical Pharmacy. Clinical Pharmacy-2014 which is also a scientific conference that offering to join for workshop on International Forum on Coffee and its Health Effects: pre-clinical studies ‘in vivo’ and ‘in vitro’, clinical and epidemiological evidences which is going to facilitate by Dr. Roseane Maria Maia Santos, South University School of Pharmacy, USA.

Renowned Speakers
David A. Johnson
Duquesne University
Stig Larsen
Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Wolfgang Sadee
The Ohio State University
Marion Schaefer
Charité University Medicine
Conference Highlights

General Clinical Pharmacology

Pharmacists Role in Patient Safety

Clinical Pharmacy and Its Key Role in Treatment

Dispensing Pharmacy and Research Chemists

Clinical Pharmacy: Activities and Prescriptions

Clinical Pharmacy and Drug Reactions

Clinical Drug Development and Therapeutics

Pharmacy and Medicinal Chemistry

Advanced Drug Delivery Research

Fluid Dispensing

Behavioral Psychology

Biomedical Sciences

Patient Care Technology

Clinical Molecular Genetics

Pain Management

Clinical Immunology

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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World
Conference Date
December 02-03, 2014
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To discuss about Clinical Aspects of Pharmacy which contains great scientific quality in research is added in conference to encourage the people who are interested in those fields. By attending this prestigious OMICS Group meeting you will be progressively with original ideas and results and adopt initiatives to obtain better training in the well research sessions like Pharmacogenetics. Clinical Pharmacy-2014 has been furthering the profession of Clinical Pharmacy and related matters like Pharmacoepidemiology. The conference represents clinical pharmacists and others who are interested in clinical pharmacy and in developing Pharmacotherapy throughout the world, which can also relate scientific research as Pharmacy Practice. Expertise in the related field can enhance and endorse their research ideas by participating in the conference by discussing about many key topics about Pharmaceutical Care. By discussing the research interest in Clinical Pharmacy International Conference 2014 about related topics also like Drug Discovery can encourage and explore the thesis of research study. Our goal is to gather scientists and researchers from different countries and with different interests in Clinical Pharmacy an exchange of ideas and expand the theme also by organizing symposium like events by eminent people that could help in the advance of our current knowledge. OMICs group aims to motivate the pharmacists to proceed more rapidly for further research in Clinical Pharmacy and related sessions like health care systems.

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